Introducing the new

 After a few months of planning, analyzing and listening to your feedback, we are excited to finally introduce the new website. We've wanted to build a meaningful website, representing our story better with you playing an active role in it. We want you to be a part of our mission, showing you some great examples of the work we do, together with you!
By adopting a totally new look, we've completely restructured the website itself, making it easier to surf, and the things inside more easier to find. Additionally, the website now comes with a completely refreshed Magazine section, to keep you entertained even on the rainiest days. 

Take a tour with us 

1 Make it unique
As you already know, you can personalize any glass bottle by engraving the cap with a message & emoji by your choice. And with the new website, this becomes even easier! Simply click the button ''PERSONALIZE'' on the right side of your favorite glass bottle, choose your preferred Engraving font, Insert your message + emoji by your choice, and voila. You're half-way through of creating your own, unique water bottle :) See more about it HERE.
EQUA lids can be personalized with lid engraving
 2 Gifts notes are the best notes 
Sometimes we want to treat ourselves with the ultimate trendy & nature-friendly gift, while other times we simply want to treat someone else. Both ways are great options! As gifting a water bottle might not be an expected gift at first, it is for sure one of the most valuable ones, and even more appealing. It makes your close ones feel good (with proper hydration), look good (with the finest selection of our design choices), and do good (speaking in the name of nature and your surroundings). So, if you want to give a bottle to someone as a gift idea, simply thick an option ''This is a gift'' and apply a message by your preference. It will come out as a true cherry on top! Try it out by yourself with any water bottle you choose inside our webshop.
Add gift notes to EQUA bottles you would like to purchase as a gift
 3 Your opinion matters most  
There's nothing we appreciate more than our community. Seeing you use EQUA water bottles, writing about your personal experience, and absolutely ''killing-it'' with your own presence everywhere you take your EQUA with you – it makes our hearts explode. Per that, we added a #myequa & #myimpact section at the bottom of every page you visit, where you can see EQUA babes from all around the world using & blasting with their own EQUA.
EQUA bottles on Instagram
And where are you in all of this? As you might not find yourself just now, make sure to snap a picture of you & favorite EQUA bottle right away, use @myequa tag and #myequa hashtag on the photo itself, and come back to see yourself shining on our website as well!
4 Videos, better than our TikTok 
While we laugh and giggle with each TikTok video we produce (didn't see us just yet? Then you surely must-see THIS), we want to give you valuable experience on our website as well. That's why we added an extra video under each product page, to grasp a true feeling of how each and every EQUA bottle looks and feels in the ''real-life'' use. See an example of our most wanted Mismatch Bronze.
EQUA video of people hydrating and drinking from bottles
And this is all just for a taste. We have numerous other activities ongoing, including our Magazine section, Story about EQUA, the team behind it, and many more. So, now all that is left for us is to invite you to take a tour around our new, let you bookmark your favorite chapters and connect with us on social media (you can find those in the footer of our website) to stay up to date on each and every news.


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